As comfortable as it is to work or study at home in your bathrobe and uggs, sometimes it’s a little too comfortable. Four hours pass and all you’ve done is look at memes and eat an entire bag of Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken chips with only two lines on your page to show for it. Sometimes a sense of place is the secret ingredient to pulling the pin on procrastination and revving up the productivity. Don’t fret, we’ve got a solid list of freelance-friendly spots that are ideal for work, study, efficiency and focus.

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1. COFFEE BRANCH • 32 leigh street, adelaide

Nothing makes you work a little better than seeing other people working around you. Or at least walking around in their work attire. Leigh Street, which during the day time is a hub for sassy people in work clothing, will no doubt make you feel like you should be doing something productive. Spread out and on the long bench up back and keep the tasty coffees coming.

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2. MONDAY’S COFFEE STORE • shop 7/38 gawler place

What more could you look for in a coffee shop than sparkling water on tap? A small plant-based menu and Abbots and Kinney pastries are all you need to accompany the on-point coffee at this joint. You’ll enjoy plenty of breathing room, especially when working solo, taking up a little square table for one. The beats they play are also of excellence, so if  you’re the type to like to listen to music while you work without your headphones in, it’s an ideal spot with it’s central but hidden away location.

3. BRICK AND MORTAR CREATIVE HUB • 49 george street, norwood

Tucked away on George Street off The Parade, this place is optimal for getting the creative juices flowing. It’s hard not to when you’re surrounded by works of local artists, and other creatives and freelancers doing their thing. Daily food specials are affordable and catered to a health and taste conscious worker, and the free wi-fi doesn’t hurt either.

4. HUSTLE • 3/114 king william road, goodwood

Even the title of this place is helpful when it comes to getting sh%t done. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’ll get ‘hustled’ out after one coffee, you’ll be greeted with friendly service and a well made brew by Peter or Stephen, the welcoming owners. With a location on Waymouth Street for the suits in the city, the King William Road venue its more relaxed brother, the perfect backdrop for your productivity needs. If you’re in need of a little brain-break, challenge your study mate to a ‘checkmate’ with one of their chess boards lying around.

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5. MY KINGDOM FOR A HORSE • 191 wright street, adelaide

For a pop of colour and a big, open space, head to My Kingdom for a Horse. The menu is so diverse and enticing you may as well set up your laptop as it’s going to take you a few hours to decide what you want to eat anyway. Big tables, big windows, big coffees. What more do you need?

6. GINGER’S COFFEE STUDIO • 109 goodwood road, goodwood

Spread your wings at this lofty, open-plan suburban haven. Coffee and a full menu, you may as well never leave. Find some peace and quiet out of the city and get stuck into it.

7. EAST BOROUGH EATERY • 96 glen osmond road, parkside

Although no soul in Adelaide was happy to say goodbye to Bar 9, we’ve welcomed with open arms, East Borough Eatery. Hot and heavy on the offerings of milkshakes, juices and smoothies with alternative products, their advanced selection of beverages isn’t the only reason we love to set up office there. The food, both savoury and sweet will have you staying for hours and present the opportune place for a ‘working lunch’. 

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8. TELL HENRY • 20 the parade west, kent town

Just tickling the city’s fringe, you’ll find Tell Henry. The coffee shop shares an open plan with a small gallery room and the neighbouring offices of a design studio. Sitting among other workers plugging away will help you get into the grove and get it done.

9. FLINDERS STREET PROJECT • 276 flinders street, adelaide

Friendly service and plenty of natural light – this place is usually just the right amount of quiet to get stuck into some work on a weekday. Surrounded by the quiet business district, it’s a small but reliable paradise to put your headphones in and double down.

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10. MELON AND RYE • 365a glen osmond road, glen osmond

Nestled right near the bottom of the freeway between a post office and florist, is Melon and Rye. Pick your spot and settle in. Other café goers will be enjoying the newspaper or a book with their cuppa, too so you’ll be in good company to get your head down and work.