CAROclub food truck and owners

Image: Josh Geelen

Premium ground beef, covered in traditional American melting cheese, with fresh avocado, home made tomato relish and a famous sweet onion sauce – all sandwiched between two delicious, crusty pieces of bread – toasted until golden and crunchy mmmm.

If this sounds like your idea of a food-gasm then CAROclub is your heaven on wheels.

The brainchild of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ South Aussie bearded sensations Tim Attiwell and Kyle McLean – CAROclub is a carnival – for carnivores.

After a full on season of my kitchen rules, Tim and Kyle can lament no more. Although disappointed at not taking out the top prize, the boys know they did their fans proud, and can rest  assured with their talents after French born judge and chef, Manu Fieldel claimed on national television that Kyle’s onion beer gravy was the best sauce he’d ever tasted on My Kitchen Rules. And the self-proclaimed ‘sauce boys’ are more than happy to take that.

But now, it’s time to start their own culinary adventure, this time with a third element in the mix – long time mate and renowned Adelaide Chef, Kain Slotegraaf (formerly Bread and Bone and Noma, Mexico).  

‘We wanted to move into something food related, we just didn’t know what it was’ says Tim.

Now a trifecta the lads began tossing around ideas, at first thinking of something bricks and mortar but deciding to start-out their venture on wheels. We all know the world’s problems can be solved over a few tinnies and a decent steak, but these boys have taken the concept to the road – welcome to CAROclub.

CAROclub truck

Image: Josh Geelen

Kyle and Kain are both Barossa boys, having grown up in each other’s kitchens, creating the kind of blokey dishes that appealed to them. Tim hails from Millicent and with a chef for a Dad and an Italian Mother (so basically two chefs) it was inevitable that food would be a big part of his life.

‘Cooking is always something we’ve enjoyed doing and it’s second nature. It’s not something we really thought about’.

Before My Kitchen Rules plastered the boys across national television, Kyle and Tim had been longtime mates, usually just seshing it out in the kitchen with a few tinnies and cooking up whatever meaty delight took their fancy.  

‘The opportunity came up to be part of my kitchen rules so I thought we’d apply and give it a go’ explains Tim. ‘We chucked our hats in the ring and fast-forward 6 months, we got the call and we went off and had a go. It’s opened so many doors for us.’

The meat club

It’s a mutual love of meat, beer, and mates that spawned CAROclub – ‘‘‘Caro” is the Latin word for meat so it’s literally ‘the meat club’ says Tim. ‘We do have vegetarian dishes but generally, it’s meat on the menu. Kyle is really big on smoking meats, slow cooking meat, spits, roasts – he loves secondary cuts: shoulders, beef cheek, that kind of thing, while Kain has worked all over the world but his influences are heavily North American and South American, it’s that ‘dude food’ vibe. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s still burgers and dogs and wings but it’s our twist on those things.’

The team is proving to be a winning combo – Kyle and Tim have the notoriety from the show and appeal to the public whilst Kain’s food is incredible and loved by locals. He also brings a huge deal of credibility and experience to the CARO table.

Boys cooking in the CAROclub truck

Image: Josh Geelen

Between these three upstanding gents comes a wealth of cooking know how, a love of food (especially ‘man food’) and an impressive amount of swagger. It must be the beards right?

CAROclub is where meat-lovers go to melt on a bed of cheese and vegetarians, like myself – go to have all their motives questioned.

I asked Tim what beers the boys would recommend with their dishes? 

‘Our food is all pretty rich and full of bad things that taste really good, so I’d recommend something light. Our go-to session beer is West End, we’re all big advocates’. Whilst Tim admits the Westie is not to everyone’s liking he confirms the boys will be teaming up with co-can conspirators Pirate Life Brewing as well as Big Bang Brewery for Beergustation events over the coming months.

‘It’s a no brainer really says Tim ‘there’s a lot of beer coming out of Adelaide now that’s not commercial – the craft beer scene is growing here and there are places cropping up everywhere.’

This initial foray into the food business may well turn into a bricks and mortar hospitality venture for the boys, but for now, let’s enjoy the pure luxury of having them bring the meat to us.

CAROclub Van

Image: Josh Geelen

Quick fire South Australian food round with Tim Attiwell:

Best food you’ve had in SA?

Oooo well recently it’s been:

Favourite beer? 

For all three of us, it’s got to be West End still.

Pie Floater – yes or no?

We actually do a dish which is on one of our share platters and it’s inspired by the pie floater – so it’s lamb shoulder, on minted mushy peas with beer battered onion rings on top instead of pastry with a beer onion gravy. It won us the pop-up kitchen challenge on My Kitchen Rules – so we love the pie floater.

The judges have had their say – what dish will win over the locals?

I’ve got to go with what will likely become our signature dish – the Patty Melt!

One for the rest of your life…Burger, steak sanga, pulled pork, or yiros?

Tim: Burger

Kyle: Steak sanga

Kain:  Burger

I’ve had the privilege of reading the menu options the boys are cooking up and with street dishes like the Texican, Big Piggy, Good Fortune and BC Club (with fried buttermilk chicken) and street food that had me dropping the f-bomb in utter astonishment and as I read on – mic-dropping the menu as my jaw too, hit the floor. Tim’s descriptions had me impressed from the get go, and I kid thee not, you’re in for an immense food experience when these blokes roll up.

Now that you’re salivating here’s where you can find the boys this Spring.

Various dates in October at Thorn and Clarke Barossa Winemakers and Spring Carnival, Morphettville Racecourse.

If you’d like CAROclub to cater your special event – get in touch and they’ll be only too happy to talk to you about menu options. Just don’t forget to invite us.

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