This time of year always brings out the chocolate cravings in full force. Chocolate chip hot cross buns grace our bakeries and crème eggs are in abundance at every corner store. It seems like everywhere you look, people have got chocolate on the brain, all thanks to Easter. But for hardcore chocoholics the cravings come all year round, not just at Easter, and there are plenty of Adelaide venues that support that notion. So let’s take a tour through a few restaurants in Adelaide where you can get your hands on a delicious chocolatey dish, all year round!

Words, Tom Cumming

Ruby Red Flamingo
Along with hot chocolates and panna cotta, Ruby Red Flamingo serves up a mouth-watering tortino cioccolato for dessert, a self-melting chocolate pudding with fresh berries and cream. After you’ve had your fill of the sumptuous Italian cuisine on the menu, ensure you save room for this gooey dessert because it’s one to remember.

Sammys on the Marina
If you like both chocolate and seafood (hopefully not together) then Sammys is the place for you. As well as a bounty of delicious local seafood, Sammys menu boasts their classic chocolate brownie. This rich chocolate treat is served with hot chocolate fudge and ice cream. Sometimes the simpler things are the best, and this brownie speaks for itself.

Tony Tomatoes
Tony Tomatoes takes us back to Italy with their incredible chocolate fondant. You can dine in for their famous pizzas and stay for dessert, or skip mains and make a beeline for the fondant. We definitely wouldn’t blame you for having chocolate tunnel vision.

So chow down on your chocolates this Easter, but remember that once the festivities die down there’s plenty more where that came from. Add another notch to the belt and get stuck in because Adelaide is showing no signs of slowing down the chocolate train!