Boasting a great fit-out and an even greater menu, Hotel Longtime is the latest venue to open its doors along Grote Street. With a take on classic, well-loved junk food mixed with Asian flavours. We sat down with Hotel Longtime’s head chef, Miles Davies to discuss fusion cooking and the inspiration behind the menu.

Pictured: Chilli Caramel Chicken With Hot And Sour Salad

You were previously the head chef at Golden Boy. Is South-East Asian your favourite cuisine to cook?

My favourite cuisine to cook at home is actually Southern Indian, it’s comforting. I like cooking Asian food at work as its not so rigid like European cuisine. You can’t just follow the recipe and expect it to work, you have to have a bit of instinct with it.

Pictured: Szechuan pepper Pavolova With Passion Fruit Ice Cream, Caramelised Banana, Whipped Cream And Fairy Floss

There are a lot of fusion dishes on the menu such as cheeseburger spring rolls, what was the inspiration behind the menu?

Alex, Tin (husband and wife owners of Hotel Longtime) and I just wanted to have fun with it, who says a cheeseburger has to stay in a burger?!

Pictured: Pork Bahn Mi Slider With Pickled Carrot, Cucumber And Sriracha Mayo

How would you describe the menu? What’s your favourite dish?

It’s a fun interpretation of modern junk food that’s heavily inspired by Asian flavours, however it’s not your average pub meal. It’s refined and involves a lot of techniques and textures. I really love the lamb shoulder at the moment, it’s a great dish to share with friends as you pick it apart and it’s fun to eat with people!

Pictured: D.I.Y Pancake Party Roast Lamb Shoulder With Yellow Bean, Cumin, Chilli And Fragrant Herbs

What made you want to be a part of Hotel Longtime and what can we expect from Hotel Longtime in the near future?

I wanted to come on board at Hotel Longtime because it’s fun and the team are able to be themselves. I feel like a lot of restaurants these days don’t have that sort of freedom. We also have a lot of freedom with the dishes and are able to mix up the menu. It’s seasonal so it changes constantly.
Going into winter, there will be new dishes on the menu, including our take on Beef Rendang and some out-there desserts like soy sauce ice-cream and green tea marshmallows!

Pictured: New menu item, Soy Sauce Ice Cream.