They were the first restaurant in SA to introduce the famous cheese-wheel pasta! Four years on, Fede and Laurie, the husband and wife team behind Godi La Vita on King William Road show no signs of slowing down. Continuously innovating and creating exciting dishes inspired by Fede’s Italian roots, there’s always something new and delicious to try. We speak with Fede Godi on cultural food traditions, the inspiration behind Godi La Vita and his favourite dishes…

How long have you been a chef for?

I always had a passion for cooking in Italy for family and friends, but I started here in Australia at Tafe 10 years ago.

You’re from Florence In Italy, have you brought many of your food traditions from your hometown into your restaurant?

I’m from Florence which is a beautiful city in the heart of Tuscany with cooking traditions that come from the Etruscan. I grew up in a family that loved eating all together and sharing moments with joy and love. Simplicity (which it’s very important not only for cooking…), respect (every ingredient needs to be treated according to its nature) and passion, are the keys.












Images of Fede’s home in Florence, which was once home to the accountant for the Medici Family.

What are the differences in food culture between Italy and Australia?

Italian food culture is the result of the exchange of many different civilizations from the Mediterranean and from Europe during thousand of years. Australia is a much younger country that has a strong multicultural approach to different food culture from all over the world.

Where did the name ‘Godi La Vita’ come from? What does it mean to you?

Godi La Vita means ‘enjoy life’ and Godi is also my family name. I was thinking of something that represents me and my wife’s generous and passionate approach to every moment of the day.

You’ve been open for almost 4 years now. What made you come to Adelaide from living back home in Italy and what was the process like, opening your restaurant?

We always were coming to Australia for holidays and we thought it was the best place to rise a family. Opening the restaurant is the end of many years of hard work learning from others what is good and what is not. I always had passion and good taste for flavours and with the restaurant I had to learn to face many challenges always though with the support of my wife Laurie.

You’re the first restaurant in South Australia to bring over the famous cheese-wheel pasta. Why do you think this is so popular? What gave you the idea to do this? 

The idea of the cheese-wheel embraces GLV philosophy of sharing and entertaining making dining an experience. You can see your meal been prepared feel the heat and smell the flavours behind it. It brings the kitchen and the customers to meet each other.

Tell us more about the process of making the cheese-wheel pasta…

The way we make and serve our cheese-wheel pastas pull people together and makes  dining a casual but still a very special experience. The recipes are studied to match flavour complexity of each individual cheese and we offer the opportunity to personalise each meal adding different extras to match their personal preference. Such as raclette cheese melt or Italian sausage topping or sourdough bread bowl.

You boast modern Italian cuisine, aside from your amazing pasta cheese-wheels, what sets Godi La Vita apart from the rest?

We love everyone to have a great eating experience from breakfast, brunch or dinner. always looking for new ideas as our new deep pan pizza and offering a large range of dishes that can make everyone happy. and everything strictly wrapped in different layers of flavour, flavour and flavour.

What’s your favourite dish on your menu and why?

I love all our menu as everything is great and invites people to come back to try new dishes. My favourite are the cheese wheel but when I’m rolling my pillowy hand made potato gnocchi then they are very tempting too. We are at the moment expanding with more gluten free and dairy free options to suit the needs of our existing and new customers.


On a day off you’ll find me…
Enjoying the beach with my wife.

Favourite dish to make at home…
Watching my wife cook for me.

Next holiday booked…
Florence, Italy.

Last meal you ate…
Salmon sashimi with the great King Ora salmon.

Godi La Vita
162B King William Road, Hyde Park
08 8377 7844