SPECIALTY // Experimental dining

“It’s as challenging as it is exciting to bring out the best in each ingredient; I like my dishes to be perceived as simplistic. However, in reality, each has a depth of complexity in terms of technique and composition.” – Wayne Brown, Executive Chef

Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant
Mount Lofty House was built in 1852 for Arthur Hardy. It was his summer residence and a venue for the lavish parties for Adelaide’s high society. Today, it has been transformed into Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant – true to the refinement, elegance and opulence the guests enjoyed 165 years ago. Overlooking Piccadilly Valley, HVR diners are treated to magnificent views as an accompaniment to the short and long story tasting menus on offer.

Arthur Waterhouse Lounge
Arthur Waterhouse was the second owner and took a more relaxed approach, enjoying casual meals with friends. Like Waterhouse, our shared style menu, inspired by the beautiful local produce, is relaxed and suited to sharing with friends.

Opening hours:

Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant 

Lunch Saturday and Sunday from 12pm

Dinner Thursday–Sunday from 6pm

Arthur Waterhouse Lounge 

Dinner seven days

Lunch from 12pm Thursday–Sunday

74 Mount Lofty Summit Road, Crafers
Ph: (08) 8339 6777
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