Tasting Australia kicks off on Friday April 5, filled with amazing masterclasses, food experiences and, of course, the return of the festival hub in Victoria Square. Among many local, national and international chefs taking part is chef Philip Rachinger, from Austria’s Restaurant Muhltalhof. Here he share’s his recipe for Topfenschmarrn (apple cake) with caramelised apples!

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Curd base

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

40g caster sugar

1 lemon

1 vanilla pod

140g fresh curd

70g flour

Final dough

240g egg white

300g sugar

150g curd base

Caramelised apples

1 apple

40g sugar

20g butter



  1. Whip up the whole eggs, yolks and sugar until everything gets white and really fluffy.
  2. Add the marrow of the vanilla pod and the zest of one lemon. Work the curd in carefully with the egg/sugar mixture and then add the flour.
  3. Beat the egg white until it’s stiff. Add the sugar and keep on beating for 30 seconds. Add the curd base carefully with a spatula.
  4. Get a coated pan. Caramelise the sugar until you have a nice golden colour. Add the apple cut in 0.5 cm discs. Deglaze with one or two spoons of butter and move the apples in the pan until you get a nice caramelised, sugar-butter sauce.
  5. Put the final dough into the pan and bake at 180C for 17 minutes.

Serve with icing sugar and enjoy!


You can catch Philip Rachinger at the Glasshouse Kitchen – Coast event on Thursday April 11. For tickets, click here.