SPECIALTY // Italian

An Italian kitchen inspired by the recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Svago hand make all of their pasta giving you the freshest pasta experience. They use artisan recipes and the traditional method of pasta extrusion through a bronze die, resulting in textured pasta for maximum taste and flavour.

All of their pizza dough is handmade and rested for 72 hours creating the lightest, super tasty sour dough base. Then they top it with fresh ingredients and finish it off in their made in Napoli wood oven – giving you the full Svago artisan pizza experience.

The kitchen is true to their ideals. Great tasting Italian food made with an artisan philosophy – simple, hand made with fresh ingredients for an amazing dining experience.

Remember to look out for the neon light that says ‘Nonna is in the kitchen’ – there’s something special being made for you!

Opening hours:
Tuesday–Friday 11am till late
Saturday and Sunday 8am till late

55 Unley Road, Parkside
Ph. (08) 8463 1666

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