The art of making the perfect toastie is one that’s hard to perfect. Despite the worldwide controversy on what cheese/bread/sauce/cooking method is best, the one thing we know is that the toastie craving is one of the most debilitating out there and needs to be satiated in a timely fashion. If you’re out and about in Adelaide with an overwhelming toastie craving, here’s some of the best places to sort yourself out.

cheese ‘n’ pickle toastie – pickle in the middle, unley road

The perfect marriage of mustard, zucchini, pickles, smoked mozzarella, between two sturdy and crisp walls of parmesan-crusted focaccia bread and salad. Try this baby with honeyed pickled jalapeños (strongly recommend) and/or free-range ham. Even better, get it on uberEats and eat it in the comfort of your own gluttony.

mac and cheese toastie – larry & ladd, regent arcade

Right in the heart of the CBD, there’s nothing like a sanga from these guys on your mid-week lunch break. Their mac and cheese toastie is the ideal thing to satisfy your overly-aggressive carb hankering on hump day. The bolognese and bechamel toastie is the perfect winter warmer, or just hit up the standard ham cheese and mustard pickle.

notorious p.i.g. grilled cheesecheesy street, food truck

Any carnivore can smell pulled pork from a mile away. Get yo’ primitive self out and sink your teeth into a pulled pork grilled cheese from Cheesy Street. The food truck is a regular visitor to Victoria Square during weekdays, or pops up every once in a while at Fork in the Road. Hunt them down with your instincts or, probably just check their Facebook page to see where they’re popping up.

truffled mushroom and swiss cheese toastie – please say please, grenfell street

Truffle and swiss on ciabatta is a marriage of flavours we definitely want to legalise. The perfect mid-morning meat free brunchy snack to have with a exceptionally made coffee. Please say please is another excellent purveyor of the traditional ham and cheese toastie too, so options are aplenty.

turkish bread toastie – lindes lane, adelaide CBD

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For a hearty lunch and satisfied stomach, call into Lindes Lane for one of their toasties. Accompanied with some top notch chips and a big ass pickle, you’re sure to walk away satisfied with whatever they have on their seasonal menu.

say cheese market st, adelaide CBD

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Market St is another place that knows how to get toastie-licious. Keep it simple with say cheese, a pornographic oozing of taleggio, truffle parmesan, and swiss gruyere cheese.

There you have it, and after a week of trying the best toasties in Adelaide we’re pretty sure we never want to touch that ganky toastie machine in our office coffee room again.